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TFF Chicken Rice — July 30, 2017

TFF Chicken Rice

Singapore's national dish of the people's choice. Haha. When you get really good halal chicken rice, you hardly go anywhere else. Fragrant oily chickeny goodness. And you know it's gotta be good when there's not only a long queue for it but there are non-Muslims Chinese in the queue. Yup, this place is the bomb for us! Many likes!

Kebab Station —

Kebab Station

We love our Turkish breads. Our favourite place at Changi Village moved to Parkland Green at East Coast.

We got their breads, dips and a mixed grill. Flavourful and light, it's perfect for lunch.

Macdonalds: Nasi Lemak Burger — July 14, 2017
Kabsah…sorta… — July 9, 2017


Today I made arabic rice. If the lemon rice was a tad salty, this rice was a tad bland. Man, how I loathe salting. It’s so hard to get it right!

And if yesterday I used Chef Wan’s recipe, today I used Chef Ammar’s spice mix. The mix is really fragrant!

I had a rack of lamb that had to be cleaned off and hence the little bits of meat were added to the rice mix for that added flavour. 

The only thing that would make this dish from normal to stellar would benif I ahd smoked the rice. I will need to buy instant charcoal pieces for this method. 

Overall, I think I did fairly OK with this dish. Will make it again, smoked next time. πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ³

Lemon Rice and Friends —

Lemon Rice and Friends

On Saturday I invited famuly over and made some form of lemon rice…but not quite.

I wanted to follow Chef Wan’s recipe but as usual, didn’t follow to the T. So, no, I didn’t add any lemon juice nor mint but I added the zest of a lemon and saffron. The colour was perfectly golden, but alas, I was slightly enthusiastic in shaking the salt bottle and hence the rice was slightly salty.

The other sides I made was my rosemary garlic wings, capsicum in olive oil and The Girl made her tzatziki sauce. 

OK so the pictures came out backwards but if you’re a cook, no matter how occasional it is, you’d know that the last picture above comes first. πŸ˜‚

I’ll definitely make the rice again, if I have the chance with guests. The brilliance of the yellow and the all the little trimmings make this party perfect. Give it a go! And add the saffron! ☺️

Kimchi Fried Rice — May 5, 2017

Kimchi Fried Rice

Each time I finish watching a Korean drama series, I go into Korean mode. Lots of Malays are infatuated with Korean culture, especially the food, so it’s actually easy to get halal Korean food in Singapore.

However, I felt this burning desire to eat Korean for lunch at work. And so, I whipped some Kimchi Fried Rice, using brown rice. I think it’s healthier.

Anyway, it is so easy to make. Being Asian, frying rice is a snitch. All I used were simple ingredients, and for the protein, stole some air-fried chicken from The Son’s plate, cut them up and added them into the rice.

And now as I am typing this, I am happily chewing on my fried rice. Talk about productivity and efficiency!

Fish Fry — February 10, 2017

Fish Fry

When we were in Texas a few years ago, the Man introduced us to this brand of coating for frying fish. And when we were in KLCC< we saw this same brand sold at the Cold Storage. So one day, I decided to fry some fish for the family. The Boy loves it. I think it goes well in sandwiches. Looks like if ever we go to KL again, I’ll be buying a few more packets home!

Nasi Uduk — February 7, 2017

Nasi Uduk

After my trip to Bandung and having tried Nasi Uduk for the fiest time, I decided I’d make the dish at home. Many people have said Nasi Uduk isnthe Indonesian version of Nasi Lemak. Partially so. While the condiments may more or less be the same, the taste is not. While Nasi Lemak rice is fragrant from the use of coconut and pandan leaves, Nasi Uduk’s rice is fragrant from the spices used. In any case, I love both Nasi Lemak and Nasi Uduk and reckon when I do retire one day, will be making both often as family dishes. 

Mix the coconut mixture into the cooked rice
Plain cooked rice
In the boiling coconut cream, add onion garlic ginger lemongrass fresh basil leaves white pepper
Coconut cream

In the meantime, make the sambal tumis and fry the tempe, tahu and chicken. 

And then assemble all nicely together! In Indonesia, nasi uduk is also served with sambal kacang, peanut sauce. 

Inari my Way — December 14, 2016

Inari my Way

Last night after days of esting Indonesian food, I thought I’d change it up a bit and make inaro for breakfast. 

The tofu pouches were ready made ones. So all I had to do was mix Japanese cooked rice with the sushi vinegar. But I also added sesame seeds – black and white- into the mix. For the inari toppings I had two types of tuna, one with mayo and the other spicy. One I added sweet peas on top. 

A good healthy and filling dinner. 

Butter Studio’s Ondeh-ondeh Cupcake — October 2, 2016

Butter Studio’s Ondeh-ondeh Cupcake

A few years back, I made ondeh-ondeh  and I believe I had the experience posted in this blog. Fast forward a few years later and the traditional ondeh-ondeh has seen a revival of sorts in the form of a cake! Talk about fusing East and West. But for all the fusion fuss I must say the ondeh-ondeh cake is a winner and here to last. There are many bakeries selling this flavour now and it seems to be a mainstay, no flings here! 

So yesterday I bought Butter Studio’s cupcakes. Two were the ondeh-ondeh flavoured ones. I must say they were not too bad but I still have to find my favourite. Then again, I could just eat the actual real ondeh-ondeh that would hit the spot, ya. Ah, well.